Monday, November 22, 2010

The Ignored or Counterproductive Propaganda

What do you think when you watch a propaganda videos made by the Iranian state TV? I selected "Iran dislikes Facebook", because of the English subtitle:

You may find it funny, interesting or even shocking. Shocking, because you may think that many people would consider the content would be true. But the truth is, that such shows are mostly ignored in Iran. People just switch the channel or turn the TV off. They are tired of such shows. In the best case, people are even curious, and want to find out the reality about the subject. For example, if they don't know Twitter, they look after it and want to know what it is. It is similar to the effect of Ayatollah Khomeini fatwa against Salman Rushdie's book, The Satanic Verse, which made people wanting to know, what the book is about.

Actually, people in Iran normally watch programs broadcasted by western countries. The satellite dishes are banned in Iran, but almost every family owns one. You may say, I am just talking about the middle class. Just look at these pictures and judge yourself, if these people are rich or poor.

 There are for sure some exceptions of programs people do watch in Iran. One of them is soccer, for example UEFA Champions League.

Photo Source: Mahvare

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