Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Paolo Coelho's Books Banned in Iran

 from left to right:
Coelho, Hejazi, Mohajerani

 Paulo Coelho reported on his blog, that his books have been banned in Iran. He writes also

"I am not naive. Therefore, I still believe that this arbitrary decision was taken from a low-ranking official in Iran. I repeat: it makes no sense to forbid books that were being published for this past 12 years. The contents of the books did not change – they are still the same."
The reality is that there are too many books that have been published for many years and many times, which are now forbidden; also translated ones.

Reason: content or the translator?

One question is why his book have been banned in Iran? Arash Hejazi, the translator of Coelho's books wrote on him "Your books have been banned with no explanation". Immediately, I cannot see any reason for banning of Mr. Coelho's books, but I also see no reason for banning of many other books in Iran. I don't know all of Mr. Coelho's books, but The Alchemist e.g. is not politically at all nor is it about sexual joy or something like that, for which it could be forbidden in Iran.

But the translator of Mr. Coelho's books can be a reason for the Islamic Republic. Hejazi is also known as Neda's doctor. Arash Hejazi is the one who said, he had not slept for three nights following the incident, but he wanted to speak out so that her [Neda Agha-Soltan] death was not in vain. Iran's police chief claimed that Interpol is seeking Hejazi, which has been denied by the International Police force.

Arash Hejazi tell of Neda's death (you can read it here)

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