Friday, January 14, 2011

Today we free Tunisia, Tomorrow we Take on Iran ( #Ir4Tun )

The world is watching Tunisia ... Iran is watching Tunisia, too. For us, not knowing the backgrounds of Tunisian policy and history, the protests came very suddenly. Maybe, we, the Iranians, are a little bit jealous at the moment. Don't understand me wrong. With jealous I mean what the Iranian Journalist Golnaz Esfandiary tweeted "Young Iranian man on Sidibouzid, Tunisia did it, we couldn't". For sure we wish Tunisians freedom and democracy.And we can help them, now.

We can help the Tunisian struggle for freedom go forward since we may have more media experience, e.g. Twitter, E-letter, Petition, etc., we can help them by making the press pay more attention to the protesters.

As once the Chinese supported us on Twitter by saying  "today we free Tehran, tomorrow we take on Beijing" with the hashtag #Ch4Iran (China for Iran), we support Tunisians on Twitter today with the hashtag #Ir4Tun (Iran for Tunisia). We say: "today we free Tunisia, tomorrow we take on Iran".

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