Friday, February 18, 2011

The Tragedy of Islamic Republic's Fall

Many people have been arrested on February 14 (25 Bahman), at least 1500. I believe, that the large number of arrests are weakening the regime: Many of the friends and family members of the new Political Prisoners haven't participate on the February 14. demonstrations, for many good or
bad reasons. But now, they are angry. Today, they are more involved in the Green Movement (or call it what ever you want, if you feel better): Their normal life can depend on it's future.

Some old passive opponents, the so called Grays, may become more active now. Some who wanted to distance from politics, get involved to it. It is how the Islamic Republic is writing it's own fall. Unfortunately normal people have to suffer it's falling period. It's a tragedy: torture, execution, oppression during a fall of a dictatorship.

The Green Movement have called for new protests on 20 February.

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