Sunday, January 1, 2012

How Iran Spreads Propaganda through the International Press

Iman Shahrvandbegar, a very precise Iranian activist, founded out a good example of how Iranian regime spreads nonsense propaganda through the international press. It is worth translating and working out:

NTD quotes Epoch Times: "Chinese Admiral Threatens World War to Protect Iran"

While Epoch Times had quoted Press TV, NTD didn't find it necessary to tell it's readers that the first source was Press TV.

Later on, Press TV (a news network owned by the Iranian government) keeps writing on the wrong News:  here and here.

It is how we miss the first sources at the press. Wrong informations will be produced by Sepah (Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution). Sepah gives the product to Press TV. Later on, the bull shit gets published without naming the first source, namely Press TV. The wrong informations become news.


  1. Keep it up please and encourage other to do. So how else we can distinguish the true news from bullshits of sepah

  2. Disinformation has always been our struggles biggest enemy it has changed and even reversed the direction of our democratic movements in recent history mosadeg's downfall is a good example well down dust and trash