Sunday, January 29, 2012

News Fiction

Euro News: a young girl detained in Baku
INA News Agency:
Arrest of few 10 year old girls in Mashhad, Iran
for Islamic dress code by Islamic security forces!!

Why I decided to write this note

Spreading propaganda respectively wrong news is not only used by the Islamic Republic, but also by some of it's radical opponents.  Not only for ethical reasons shall we fight these kind of lies. Some of these reasons are not clear for every one:

1. 2009 Ashura Protest - Madyar (a journalist and human rights activist) reported (I cannot open his blog at the moment, about a false report which led to the arrest of many people. The Tweets "Hurry up! Lots of people are needing your help in front of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcaster" and "Lots of people are on the way to IRIB"  was getting retweeted fast. About 150 people believed it and went to there. They got beaten or arrested. In the best case the tweet was sent with good will, but ended in disaster.

2. Those radical regime opponents are playing with our credibility with their lies. Their lies will come out. How could our readers distinguish between them and us?

3. Read the story.

The Stories of the picture above:

Vahid Online, one of the most followed activists in Google Plus caught:
BBC: Azerbaijan 'crackdown on dissent'
Euro News:  a young girl detained in Baku police crackdown
Radio Free Europe: Little Azeri Girl May Be Nameless, But She's Far From Powerless 
INA-Iran News Agency: Arrest of few 10 year old girls in Mashhad, Iran for Islamic dress code by Islamic security forces

I just googled the title of INA and found many untrustworthy pages, which have copy pasted the nonsense. Some even translated it into English.

For Vahid Online, me and people like us, the style and the source are the reasons not to believe such reports, but the news could be a real story nowadays! Vahid writes (my translation):
"You rarely see such [wrong] news in Google Plus, but some networks get lot of likes, because such emotional news are written for an audience whose first priority for clicking the like button is to be against the Islamic Republic.
Such sources find a picture and write a story about it. In the best case some one emails them the wrong news. The only important thing is that the report is against the Islamic Republic [and not if the story is true or not]"
The comment of one of the plus users (vahid H-Yousef) is also very interesting:
"Ladies and Gentle man, dear supporters of Islamic Republic
For sure it is also a lie that boys and girls have been raped in Kahrizak and Evin!
 Torturing of the young people is also a lie!
For sure it is also a lie, that many people have been hanged!
[...] We are living in the most free country in the world, right?  [...]

I don't know that guy, but I have seen such accusation very often in Internet, specially by members of militant groups in Twitter. Any contradiction means you are a regime agent.I wonder if they really believe it. Probably some of them do, at least some of them, I guess. I personally don't care, but be aware of them. 

Freedom Messenger is another untrustworthy source, which is quoting INA-Iran News often. It doesn't mean that all of those who are co-working with Freedom Messenger are lier. Some people just know the protest videos uploaded by Freedom Messenger and send their own videos to them!

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