Saturday, January 28, 2012

Opponents but Analogicals of Islamic Republic (2)

Ariamehr TV, or call it voice of fascists

In this video, some one talks to the moderator of "Ariamehr TV", which is broadcasting from the US!

The caller says that the TV-Program was very 'nonsense'.
The moderator asks him to say: "Death to the Islamic government, ...".
The caller does: "Death to the Islamic Repuplic, Khamenei, Khomeini, etc."
TV moderator: "Say Viva Shah (King)"
Caller: "Why Shall I?"
Moderator: "Go die" and hangs up.

You can find hundreds of such videos in youtube. 

and they try to brand every one who doesn't talk like them as fascists (or  probably Islamic Republic's agents)!

Ariamehr TV has probably almost no audience inside Iran, since it has nothing to offer but some insulting words. But some times people may take a look at it and ask themselves the question: "If we kick out the Mullahs, will such people idiots govern our country?"

The effect of such TVs are very counterproductive. I wonder why some people support such a TV financially.

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