Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"Embarrassing Situation"

[Comment by Shahin] I bought 5 breads and was cooling it on a table in front of the baker. Two well dressed young men, probably students, coming from behind asked me the price of a bread. I answered: "250 Toman". The guys went back two steps. I could see one of them sweating. They tried to talk lightly, but I still could understand what they are talking about.

One of them asked: "Did you get your Yaraneh this month?". Yaraneh is a cash payment by the government on the poorer people.
"No, not yet", answers the other one.
"I have no money left, not even 100 Toman"

I am ashamed. I have bought 5 breads and I am alone and those two guys have not even the money for two breads. I am feeling the sweat coming down from my forehead. Not knowing what to do, I offer them two breads. The guys take them and go away without saying any word. It was an embarrassing situation for all of us.


  1. What,s a pity !!
    I,m sorry for every thing , you and me and all of the people .