Monday, June 25, 2012

They "Want to Execute 2 People For Drinking Alcohol"

Head of justice department of Razavi Khorsan Province, said : "We want to execute 2 people For Drinking Alcohol"!

Can we stop them?  

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

How to Help Democratization Outside the Streets

1. Hungry Man is Not (Necessarily) a Democracy Fighter

Iran's streets seem to be silence at the moment. Somme people may hope that the sanctions make people loud. I don't. Why? I think it is very simple:

"A hungry man is an angry man", and the angry man follows more his emotions than his sense. If you are angry and you are in a fight, you may do many unwanted, non logical things. Not well enough thought things. It is wrong to think that hungry people on the streets are democracy fighters. Hungry people fight for survival.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Picture from Iran: Girls' highschool, 1933

Girls' Highschool (دبیرستان دوشیزگان), Arak [2], 1933

Mrs. Paririkh Hashemi, who has provided us this picture (many thanks), explains:

A teacher names Sabieh Maleki (صبیه ملکی), wife of Khalil Maleki (خلیل ملکی), was very concerned that girls go to school. She constantly sought after girls of school age who did not attend school. Then she walked over to their families and persuaded them to send their daughters to school.

1. You may find other interesting "old pictures" in this blog 
2. 1933, Arak was a very small city with not more than 3 main streets. 
3. Usually, I publish such pictures only in my German language blog. But this photo inspired me so much that I made an exception.